Peer Mentoring

When you choose peer mentoring you are matched with a successful professional service advisor who is still current in his or her field and who has successfully navigated through the same work and live choice you are making. Your mentor is a confidant and sounding board who does not tell you what you already know - how to practice your craft.  What your mentor does is help you navigate the sometimes choppy waters encountered when getting going… family life, encouragement, and how to deal with clients.

Mentors have started or been a co-founder or principal of their own business and truly understand what entrepreneurship is all about.

Professional Advisor Workshop

Get the insights and training needed to open up the door to your own full-time or part-time consulting practice.  Learn how to leverage your talents and experience into independence as a highly-paid professional advisory practice.  The Quick Start Program is an abbreviated version.

  1. Develop your unique message and marketing toolkit to differentiate yourself in your marketplace
  2. Identify the right channels to position yourself for success
  3. Set your fee schedule and negotiate agreements
  4. Understand the client’s perspective – their fears and concerns - and how to deal with these issues
  5. Package your services for greater acceptance by the client
  6. Set up practice management systems and measurements


The Professional Trademark™

We’ve witnessed social media making the traditional resume increasingly irrelevant and the advent of the personal branding concept. The personal branding concept is predicated on attracting attention – it’s too personal – and not appropriately focused on an outcome for the person signing the checks. The person signing the check cares about an outcome, not your personal brand.

Flashy might get the attention but proven substance gets the job.

The Professional Trademark™ gives you unparalleled clarity of your outcome based offering, the type of project situation that best fits you and a comprehensive understanding of your strengths and capacity to solve problems.

It includes…

The Professional Trademark™ is the new standard for online presence.

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