Run Your Business Venture

The Small Business Success Package is a series of four planning sessions that bring you great clarity on the tasks you need to accomplish and help you maintain perspective and focus so you can achieve your desired company growth. The final two sessions is the 90 Day Growth Plan and the First Step Financial Plan. We decide what success tools to use in the first two sessions based on where you are in your business.

Expert Circle Support

A virtual board of experts is ready to give advice and help keep you on track to success.   Connected to the broadest pool of business talent available, develop strategy and be guided in the three critical functional parts of the business:

  1. designing
  2. building
  3. logistics

  1. branding messaging
  2. moving product
  3. customer care
  1. cash management
  2. compliance and governance
  3. financial controls

Launch Your Business Venture

Achieve remarkable clarity about launching your business and set the stage for raising needed expansion capital – the lifeblood of any enterprise.

Comprehensive Financial Modeling ensures that before you begin the capital raising process you have investor grade financials.  The Financial Modeling session prepares you for the investor meetings and ensures your compliant with SEC regulations.

Comprehensive Business Plan. We work together to create your first business plan.  You fill out our template / questionnaire and then we help you complete it, set high-level strategy, develop your financial models, and write the plan.  

The Virtual Roadshow.  The Virtual Road Show enables you to present your opportunity – in a fully complaint way – to the investor community.  Your opportunity is in an online “lockbox” where only those invited can learn the details of your plan.  You aren’t making an offering, just explaining the basics but in a compelling personal way.  Investors are putting their money behind a team as much as an idea.  It’s the most personal way to get your opportunity widely viewed without crowd funding and all the inherent traps.

Business Modeling and Start-Up Financial Planning

Comprehensive Business Modeling. Through the use of a well established and scientific validated assessment you will find out whether you have the mindset and risk profile of an entrepreneur. Using the Osterwalder/Pigneur Canvas business model in a workshop format you will get insights as to whether your business concept is viable.  You want to:

Start-Up Financial Forecasting. Using web-collaboration tools and one-to-one sessions you will develop the important developmental, or start-up budget. This is a critical pre-planning exercise to ensure you are identifying the resources and costs of those resources to properly seed the business venture in advance of the formal capital raising activities.

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