The traditional career path is undergoing a profound shift for the highly qualified professional.  Our objective is to help you prosper on the path right for you.  It’s time to take control of your income and your life.  

Before launching the business of your dreams you need a solid foundation.  First, answer the critical questions: “Is this a real business?” “Am I up to the challenge?”  

Once committed you will need the tools, techniques, and strategies to ensure a successful launch. It begins with a sound plan and expert support.

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You’ve had a successful career and still want to stay in the game but facing head winds.

The capable professional will have to reposition. Repositioning yourself will require a new set of competencies, a new mindset, and expert support.


You’re tired of being beaten up by the vagaries of the job market what with all the conflicting, generic advice.  

You know what you want – continue as part of an organization – but feel stuck. Getting unstuck requires a fresh look… at yourself as much as your personal marketing strategy.

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We offer a variety of programs for the professional in transition, those choosing independence as a coach or consultant, and entrepreneurs.  The color of the icon associated with the course defines the delivery method.  Tutorials are free.

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