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The Reality of Transition

If you are a professional in the typical job search mode, you are not only making little or no progress, but more than likely getting so-called “expert” advice that isn’t working. 

This FREE presentation takes a fresh view of your challenge and will save you months of self-discovery and wheel spinning.   

Who We Work With

Career Counseling – Engagement Readiness

After viewing The Reality of Transition you will be better prepared for Engagement Readiness – counseling more grounded in how you must approach marketing yourself. It’s a marketing challenge and even if your objective is a W-2 position you can’t succeed with the traditional job seeking techniques you may have learned in outplacement or from a human resources pedigree view – chasing the offer letter.  Simply put, you can’t be an “applicant.”  

Your Professional Roadmap

As a precursor to the Professional Trademark the road map is a comprehensive assessment that gives you clarity about positioning yourself in the marketplace. It provides a three dimensional view of of your ideal work environment, identifies the highest and best outcome you bring to your client or organization, and enabling you to clearly communicate your value.   

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